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Recommended Kantina

With its Italian, Venetian and Austro-Hungarian influences, Istrian food has rich culinary traditions which are passed down through each generation. Istria, in the north of Croatia, is already hailed as the new Tuscany for foodie travellers. With a bit of adventurous exploration it offers the chance to try specialities that are  so local their provenance is tied to one small mountain village or just one particular restaurant.

In Istria, foraging for wild asparagus and herbs is considered a local pastime, people make delicious sparkling wine in their garage as a hobby and everyone seems to have an allotment patch in even the tiniest garden or balcony. People understand local ingredients, appreciate the seasons, delight in their olive oils and proudly protect their Grandmother’s recipes in the same way the Italians are famed for.

Pasta is glaringly missing from this cantor through our favourite Istrian dishes and suggested places to try them, but rest-assured this will be covered in a post all to itself!